Slot android phones

If you live in Nigeria then you should know Slot Nigeria, this is where most people buy their phones because they sell Phones supplied directly by the manufacturers i. Another major advantage of slot also called slot ng is their presence in almost all the major cities in Nigeria, they have 63 branches as at the time of writing this article, this makes them one of the largest non-online phones sellers by saying non-online we mean you can actually visit them in their branches and buy unlike Konga and Jumia where you can only order online, slot also sells online ; see the full list of all branches nationwide here.

This article has been put together because of our readers seeking to know the phones available on Slot and the Prices, so, while the prices in this article may be slightly different from the actual price when you visit their branches to buy, the prices here still let you know the range or what you should be looking to have if you want to purchase a phone from Slot; so, at least, you know what to take along if you want to visit their branch to buy a phone.

See the list of mobile phones and prices below, they are listed according to their brand. You may want to reach her via funmilola campusbiz. Hello to every one, the contents present at this site are in fact amazing for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows. Slot ng, are uguys on promo?

I even got a msg of ur acc, lemme share it here Dear Miss Qeen, your request for Apple iPhone 8,plus for was successful approved, you are entitled to pay the sum of 22, naira to the company account :.

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The Best Budget Android Phones

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Slot android phones

Thanks for your patronage Reply. October 20, at pm. Infinix hot s5 not included Reply. Musa Haruna. October 4, at pm. I need price of nokiain nigeria, Reply.

September 13, at am. How much oppo A33 or tecno spark 3 Reply. August 22, at am.

Best Tecno Phones In Slot Nigeria With Price List (UPDATED 2019)

Pls how much can someone add to swap a tecno f1 for a tecno spark youth Reply. March 19, at pm. Pls do u v umidigi f1 in slot and how much is it? Philip Johnson.

February 11, at pm. QQ No Huawei p10 in slot Reply. January 15, at pm. No infinix smart2 Reply. September 26, at am. July 17, at pm.The best dual sim phones are not only extremely practical, but they are also becoming increasingly more common with each passing year.

Users can use two SIM cards to take advantage of more affordable mobile data plans, consolidate personal phone calls with business, or as a way how to stay connected when traveling internationally.

But which dual SIM smartphones are worth purchasing? Continue reading to find out. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page. The Snapdragon, and chips are the latest and greatest processors running the best smartphones today, with the latest Samsung galaxy s10 already running the chip.

What that means is phones with the Snapdragon, and processors have dual SIM capability. This is important because 2G is getting phased out all over the world very soon. As the name suggests, one is always on standby, but you would not be able to use both at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are very few dual active phones currently available on the market. They were the first to nail down the specifications and save money on things that matter the least. What makes this compact 5.

Slot android phones

It has a resolution of megapixel, as well as a second 5-megapixel shooter to go with it. The cheaper option has only 16 GB of built-in storage. The only flaw of this otherwise stellar dual SIM smartphone is its thickness. Galaxy devices are always expected to represent the very best that Android has to offer.

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer has wisely stuck with what they are known for and only made it better. We are talking, of course, about the exceptional rear- and front-facing cameras and the gorgeous design.

The main camera is actually a triple-lens setup, featuring two 12 megapixel sensors, as well as a megapixel unit. It features phase detection autofocus with optical image stabilization. The autofocus mechanism is so fast that you never miss a chance to take a great picture only because you have to wait for the image to come into focus. The camera also records 4K video at 30 frames per second.

The front-facing camera has a resolution of 8 MP, and its bright sensor copes very well with low-light conditions. Because of the 6. The glossy back adds a touch of luxury, but it also does attract fingerprints like a magnet. But that can be forgiven because it hides a massive mAh battery that lasts all day long. One of the common things among top tier phones with Dual SIM support is just how pricey your flagship phones cost.

Xiaomi tries to change that here. It sits at budget level pricing, but you really cannot go wrong with it. Despite its low price, the Pocophone X! That keeps things running exceptionally smoothly. But for just a couple hundred, where can you go wrong? Especially with dual-SIM support in tow. No wonder they do.

After all, the first OnePlus was such a huge success that the unknown Chinese smartphone manufacturer has overnight become one of the best-known brands in the industry. The third smartphone from the influential company follows the same principle as the previous two. The idea is to release a flagship device for a mid-range price.This feature requires the smartphone or tablet to have dual partition slots slot A and slot B so it can switch between the two during updates.

However, we can use this system to our advantage and manually switch slots ourselves using a Fastboot command. So, over the last week, I have shown you the ins and outs of just one new feature that we saw added in Android 8. I will be breaking this feature down to explain it better in an Android installment sometime in the future. Related : Dozens of premium Android apps go on sale every single day.

Another tutorial instructs you on how to find out what your current active partition slot is. This tutorial will be taking things one final step and walking you through how to change the active partition slot. This is rather useful as knowing how to change the active slot can actually get you out of a pickle.

This can include anything from a bootloop to reverting back to an older update to avoid a bug poor performance, massive battery loss. You should know that in order to change to another slot you first need to know what your current slot is. So, once you have followed that tutorial and know if you are on partition slot A or partition slot B then you can proceed with this guide.

You can do this even if your device is currently in a bootloop. With that information in hand, you can then proceed to change the active boot slot. So again, it all depends on what your current partition slot is.

Once you know that, then you know which slot you want to set as the active partition slot for Android. You can switch to the other one as long as the device supports it. As I mentioned in the video above, I used this recently with the OnePlus 7 Pro when I installed an update that resulted in a bootloop. In less than 5 minutes I switched active slots and was back up and running.

I still have to fix the OTA update install issue that I had encountered but it was better than having to perform a factory reset.

You can do all sorts of stuff with this system but most custom ROMs will use it for installing new updates. Still, I like the idea of experimenting with these things. Having the ability to do stuff like duplicating the partitions and then using one to test out various software mods. You can even do this to test out multiple custom ROMs before deciding on which one to begin using longterm.

Slot android phones

The possibilities are almost limitless and I can only see the development community utilizing this more in the future. If you run into any issues with this guide though, please leave a comment to let me know. This will enable me to keep all Android tutorials as up to date as possible. Just found your series on Android Slots A and B — thanks! Is there a way to interrogate the slots to see what version is on each? Your email address will not be published.

Slot android phones

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. There are many cool things we can do with Android and its A and B partition slots.Android provides a similar user experience across many makes and models of phones, while letting you prioritize the features that matter most to you.

For now, 5G remains a premium feature, but more affordable 5G Android phones that offer faster download speeds are on the way from multiple brands, like Samsung and TCL, and will arrive this summer. You'll also want to check out the cheaper 6. Android purists should consider the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

These phones offer a faster Google Assistant, secure face unlock and air gesture controls — though the outstanding cameras remain the Pixels' big selling point. However, with a successor on the way, you may want to wait a bit longer for the Pixel 4a or entertain Apple's new iPhone SE if you're willing to leave Android for a great phone at an excellent price.

The former is a solidly-built alternative to the Pixel 3a with less compelling software and gaming performance; the latter is an excellent flagship on the level of the Galaxy S20 series, though it's not officially available across most Western countries. Display: 6. But the OnePlus 8 Pro is the best Android phone because it packs as many high-end features as possible for an incomparable value. In the case of the OnePlus 8 Pro, those features include a Hz refresh rate for its 6.

The OnePlus 8 Pro is the first OnePlus device to support wireless charging, and in the grand tradition of OnePlus pushing the battery envelope, its wireless charging standard is actually faster than many wired options. However, the OnePlus 8 Pro's four rear lenses can produce some impressive shots that measure up respectably against industry leaders.

For starters, the camera setup on the back of the S20 Plus impresses us with four lenses that produce great pictures, especially when you put that 64MP telephoto lens to work. You won't be able to zoom in like you can with the S20 Ultra's Space Zoom feature, but the shots that the S20 Plus yields still contain a lot of detail.

All of the other top Galaxy S20 features are available in the S20 Plus, including 5G connectivity, a Snapdragon chipset that produces the best performance of any Android phone and a vibrant 6.

A 4,mAh battery keeps things up and running, and the Galaxy S20 Plus offered better-than-average longevity in our testing. Ultimately, the S20 Plus' price will put it out of reach of most phone shoppers, though those who can afford it shouldn't think twice about snapping one up.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus review. On the battery front, the Moto G Power lasted 16 hours and 10 minutes on our battery test, in which phones continuously surf the web over LTE until they run out of power.

Read our full Moto G Power review. Display: 5. The Pixel 3a strikes a winning blow against the rising cost of smartphones by delivering a terrific camera and a great Android experience in a device that costs hundreds of dollars less. The Pixel 3a uses the same single megapixel camera found on the Pixel 3, but more importantly, it taps into the same AI-powered computational photography features. That means the pictures you snap with your Pixel 3a will be every bit good as what the Pixel 3 delivers — making the Pixel 3a one of the best camera phones around, even though it costs less than half of what most flagships do.

You will have to make some compromises for the Pixel 3a's lower price tag. This phone is made out of plastic, and the processor isn't the fastest. But the Pixel 3a offers solid performance and a long-lasting battery, as it held out for nearly 12 hours on our battery test. The value delivered by the Pixel 3a earns it a spot on this list of the best Android phones, but some may want to wait for the upcoming Google Pixel 4awhich could arrive this summer.

Read our full Pixel 3a review. How do you make one of the best Android phones for phablet fans even better? Extend the screen so it leaves virtually no bezel, give it a massive battery that recharges faster than ever before and bake in the most powerful processor on the market with gobs of RAM for good measure.

The 6. Using Air Actions, you can make motions with the S Pen in mid air to navigate the phone's interface, and even transcribe and export written notes to Microsoft Word documents and PDFs on the fly. We do wish the phone's quad-camera system delivered photos that could rival those from Google's latest phones, but even so, the Note 10 Plus is a phenomenally well-rounded Swiss Army knife of a phablet. Just keep in mind we're not that far off from the Galaxy Note 20which could appear in late August or early September.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review.Tecno Mobile was founded in July in Hong Kong. Slot Nigeria vision is to be the No. The company also fixes damaged smartphones bought from them FREE. We will be giving you updated the list of all Tecno phones available in Slot Nigeria at best offers. This list includes the latest Tecno phones in Slot Nigeria.

Its is a comprehensive Price List of Tecno phones in Slot along with their key features. Look around to find all Tecno smartphones that are available in Slot Nigeria and compares prices. This list is updated weekly.

All Tecno Camon series are camera centric. They are meant to provide sharp and clear photos. The Camon C5 was the first phone in this series.

The Tecno Camon C7 is the latest phone in the series. It was released shortly after the release of Tecno C9. Update : Tecno has silently released a new version of the Tecno Camon C9. All the other specifications are the same. Phones in this series come with wallet friendly price tags. The Tecno W3 is the latest phone in this series. These Tecno phones are built to provide the best experience to music lovers. The Tecno Boom J8 is the latest phone in the Boom series. The phones are battery beasts.

They are the best if you are looking for a phone that you can use for several days after a full recharge. Tecno Y series consists of budget friendly phones. This is where you will find some of the cheapest Tecno smartphones.

The phones have high-end features but come at pocket friendly prices. The most expensive Tecno phones are in this series. We can help you find the phone or tablet you want at the best price. Please feel free to contact us. We always strive to respond within the shortest time possible. Do you like TechLector? We count on you! Follow us on Google News; click here and then Follow. Thank you! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Sign in. Log into your account.Luckily, there are still quite a few decent phones with dedicated microSD card slots around.

The Redmi Y2 is the second selfie-centric phone from Xiaomi. The phone has a separate microSD card slot that can accept up to GB of secondary storage. The Zenfone Max pro is aggressively priced, starting at just 10, As for the specification, the Vivo V9 comes with 6. The Oppo F5 is powered by 2. The Oppo F5 Youth, on the other hand, is powered by 2.

The mid-range smartphone is also the first from the company to offer a near stock Android Nougat 7. Apart from this, the real striking feature is its full vision display.

Nearly all of the latest crop of Samsung upper mid-range phones come with dedicated MicroSD card slots. Here are the best Samsung phones with dedicated SD card slots that you can buy in India:.

Motorola has sided with some really odd storage options for its fifth generation Moto G-series. But yes, the presence of MicroSD card slot on every fifth generation Moto G is bound to soften the blow. Most of the recent J-series and on-series phones have microSD card slot.

Xiaomi is now adding a dedicated card slot to all its new affordable phones. Hybrid sim slot is certainly past its glory days. Today, many consumers do need at leat 2 SIM cards thanks to Reliance Jio and that renders hybrid slots meaningless.

Make sure you make an informed choice. Above-mentioned smartphones are the best dual phones with dedicated memory card slot. What is needed also is timer for power off and power on and call recordings with stock firmware. Is there any? Priority is a size. I had All View P8 energy it was all having phone with battery, but it had to big screen, not good for pocket carying.

Hi Jan, check the Redmi series from Xiaomi out. Maybe the 6 or the 6A ar small enough and fits better for you. Good luck. Which can be the best phone around 15k having 3 slots, and can be used atleast for 3 years. Need 2 sims and separate dedicated sd card slot and large internal memory like gb possibly with S-pen.

Asus meets most of my requirement but has 2.Google serves cookies to analyze traffic to this site. Information about your use of our site is shared with Google for that purpose. See details. Two camera lenses and Super Res Zoom. For photos as vibrant as your life. Use Motion Sense to play music or snooze your alarm—all with a wave of your hand.

Download a 4K movie in the blink of an eye. Jump on a group video call that never lags. Turn your living room into an AR zombie apocalypse. So when the action speeds up or the lights go down low, you always get that perfect shot. Watch a show the way it was intended.

Edit a photo all the way down to the pixels. With Android tablets, you get more screen to do your thing. Use the work profile to keep your personal data separate. Turn off work apps when you want to disconnect.

And with the Android Enterprise Recommended program, it's easy to find the right devices for your job. From construction sites to corporate offices. Android One phones are certified to run the simplest, latest version of Android. Regular security updates every month.

At least two years of OS upgrades. Reimagined apps like Google Go and Camera Go take up less space and start up faster. Files helps you share your stuff without using data. And Google Play continually gets new apps made just for Android Go edition. Only a few steps. Including iOS. Learn more. Samsung Galaxy 10 5G. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G. Oppo Reno 5G. Popular picks Cameras that catch any shot. Google Pixel 4. Motorola Moto G7. OnePlus 6T.

Sony Xperia 1. Featured tablets Sometimes you need a bigger screen.

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